the state of the air today

I am falling in love with light.  

We all can't help but moan or exclaim to each other about the weather - we all dismiss "weather talk" like its indicative of our shallowness, our inability to connect more deeply, our universal "passing the time" discussion choice.  But isn't it our collective aquarium?  The state of our skin? The moisture of our eyelids, the comfort of our eardrums? 

We are porous creatures, made of water, bags of organs walking around, just trying to keep it together. All "quietly struggling", as I read recently in a reader's contribution to Sun magazine

The valves in our legs open and close, squeezing our blood upward, against gravity. 

I love that we are collectively affected by the return of light, and these spring days where we both shiver and sweat within the same 8 hours.