my dear friend Gyun sent me this photo from his art residency travels out west, in the caves of New Mexico.  

this could be the bloom of our guts, no? 


those lines, oh so sexy! 

what makes you bloom, inwardly? 

for me, recently: a moment of verbal understanding, followed by piercing eye contact, with a close friend.  brighten, my insides do. 

I have been slightly nauseous for several days in a row, and I have thoughts of us all being poisoned, slowly, by our shower water, ever-present guar gum, inescapable wifi signals, mold and dust as the city upends itself in development tsunamis and factory tear-downs. 

A colleague in north philly stood in the sun yesterday with us and spoke eloquently of the mightiness of plants: they can read human gender. they can respond to moisture and sun by breaking through concrete. their consciousness is downright otherworldly. (or THIS worldly). We can correspond in our blooming, and live. 


 - How cavernous are we, how tunneled do we let ourselves become -