My work is based in an "adding-up": seeing what comes next and constantly seeking freedom.  I love doing this with young people. I believe we all need more places to focus in, to rest our racing minds, and to feel awe. The impossibilities of communication with our limited english language can be counter-acted upon through making what is not yet there. 

I love collaborating with other teaching artists, and fusing movement & theater arts activities with hands-on visual arts projects. 


Mini Library Project with Free Library of Philadelphia, Bregy School, and Art Sanctuary.

Star Hamilton and I are working with inventor 7th graders on designing mini libraries this spring by experimenting with different processes of printing and layering…. to be installed May 2019!

We are focusing on Jewell Parker Rhodes’s Ghost Boys. Through our design process with the students, we are seeking inspiration from public artists and utilitarian message-based work. The libraries will hold many free copies of the books, thanks to the Library, free for the public. Coming to a corner near you.

When the novel is not novel / is real

how does text become its own place of respite

Shout out to Myung Gyun You for helping construct the libraries.

We as teaching artists are thinking lots about how we take action alongside students, and the context in which students are asked to take action themselves: which students, which schools- art education is not created equal.


Art Quest Specialty Art with Germantown Academy, 2018.

We explored Fabric Art; Nature Art; Painting; and Stop Motion/Sculpture Studio, for full day studio work days. Lots of Visual Thinking Strategies; Giving Feedback to their Peers; and experimenting as studio artists. 8 - 12 year old students.



3 Workshops leading to an installation with 8 high school students. Collaborating Teaching Artist Star Hamilton.  In partnership with Art Sanctuary + an existing curriculum examining the justice system and the school-to-prison pipeline with Eastern State Penitentiary Museum. Summer 2017.

I am currently co-teaching with artist Star Hamilton on text-inspired, textile and paint-based visual projects with 8th graders.  We work with Art Sanctuary at the Bregy School in South Philadelphia, where we have the honor of bringing the studio to the classroom.  We work with recycled materials, cloth, paint, glues, and installation materials to encourage students to trust their own freedoms with new materials, to experiment, and to collage their ideas. 

Last year I completed an intensive year-long teaching artist training with Community-Word Project, the Teaching Artist Project

What are the wonders of collaborating with other teaching artists? Kym Boyce and I reflect here!

What have we learned about teaching for social justice in an inclusive classroom? Kym Boyce and I reflect here!

Where Dreams Begin: 3 pilot workshops, in collaboration with Kym Boyce. We worked with 6th and 8th graders at the Highbridge Green middle school in the Bronx, fusing poetry & language with visual art. 

Week-long workshop with 5th graders at the Thomas Mifflin School, where we investigated biomes, costuming, Nick Cave's work, and body casting/abstract fashion creation. Summer 2017.

I am learning to work with little ones! Art activities for preK (3-5yr olds): material exploration, motor skills, age-based solstice- and nature-inspired works, Germantown Academy. Movement, imagination, and dance-based activities. Summer 2017.