thank you jason wallace for the foto!

thank you jason wallace for the foto!


Thank you for checking out my work!  Some context:


My work as an artist is deeply influenced by my experiences in my physical body, and my attempts to understand where the energies generated on the inside go/affect/touch the external to me. 

I am drawn to the things that from a distance appear ordered and graceful, yet up close are wrenching, painful, lack words.  

My physical body often feels porous: I have always had a highly sensitive digestive system, that seems to respond to the most delicate stimulations or changes and I have spent days, months, years experimenting with it, coaxing it, listening to it — acting with it and in opposition to it.  I feel porous with other people, too.  Those around me, and those I love seem to enter my chest cave and seed there: both a gift and the feeling of impact.  I am fascinated by the ways in which the emotional and mental are manifested physically; and the ways in which physical ailment, pain, and bodily changes affect my ability to be in the world and to interact. 

I understand that the body is constantly regenerating itself: that our cells are always rebuilding, and that the skin we have now is not the same that held that hand of the past.  I find this exhilarating, relieving, generous information. I am interested in bodily memory, the ways in which our bodies hold memory of one another, the way the physical becomes mental and mental becomes physical.  We leave ourselves behind in each other, and we rid ourselves of one another: Both. 

Our physical bodies often know more than our conscious memories. 

I think that we’d all like to escape our bodies & minds, in many ways.  And that these unceasingly beating selves we walk around in are both whole stories and brand new pieces of material, dust.

I work to investigate connections between my internal organs and anatomy with elements of mapping, history and imagined history, images of homes, streets, our built environment : how we reflect what we need on the inside, on the outside.  And the ways in which our bodies do one another harm, through the exchange of land, shelter, resources. 

I am in a new realm of research into my own religious and spiritual background and find that my work pulls from the mysticism of story-telling in faith-creation; and the connectivity of organic matter + spirit world.  I must remain curious about the ever-changing roles of knowledge vs. experience vs. intuition in practice, in action, in my work and in my questioning. 

I am interested in the mistakes we make with the words we say, the limitations of language, the inability of the English language to convey the depths of feeling, the physical attachments we have to each other, the ways in which my lung is in your body and your bone is in mine… intimacy and lack thereof, simultaneously.

I love to explore these questions and their tendrils in my own drawing practice, and find extensions of it through teaching art with young people & adolescents and working in collaboration with artists and organizations in Philadelphia.  

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